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Referral Program

fcde4ebf-9c6c-4554-bdbc-883a4fc9b66bThank you for your interest in the JB’s Fat Boy Referral Program. By helping stores find out about our product, you can earn up to $500/year. Getting a payday just takes three easy steps.

Download The Flier

Fill out the form here to get the link to our flier. Be sure to save it so you can print more if you need to.

Visit a Retailer

If you have a local retailer that you would like to see the product in, go visit them with this information (please note stores and states not applicable below). Ask for the meat manager or grocery manager and let them know that you use this product and you’d love to see it in their store. Our product can be carried in Meat, Grocery or Grilling departments. Examples of stores would be small local grocery stores, small chains, local locations of larger chains, hardware stores (i.e. Ace, True Value, etc.), meat markets or other retailers.

Let Us Know Who You Visited

After you visit the store, fill out the form at JBsFatBoy.com/referral to let us know who you contacted. If they order the starter pack and leave your name, location and e-mail with their order (remember fill it out on your flier!), we will pay you $100. It’s as easy as that!

Download Program Information >>

Terms and Conditions:

  • Program not applicable for Walmart, Hy-Vee, Fareway, Kroger (Ohio), Kroger (Michigan), or Dillons store locations. Referral payments WILL NOT be paid for any of these stores. Please do not contact them.
  • Program not applicable for Nebraska, Iowa or Minnesota retailers. Referral payments WILL NOT be paid for any stores in these three states. Please do not contact retailers in these areas.
  • Program not applicable for areas outside of the United States and its territories due to export regulations.
  • Program not applicable for stores already carrying any JB’s Fat Boy product. Referral payments WILL NOT be paid for any of these stores.
  • Program only applicable for NEW store locations and only on FIRST order.
  • Maximum earnings of $500/year, paid by either check or in product. Preference was made when filling out the form.
  • You are responsible for paying any applicable taxes on commission payments.
  • Payments only sent after payment is received for the sale to the store. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
  • Any sales where payment is not received will not earn a commission payment.
  • Participant may not contact the store following a purchase acting as a representative of JB’s Fat Boy. This includes but is not limited to regarding shipment of the product or payment for the product. Any complaints will result in no referral payment and possible legal action.
  • JB’s Fat Boy reserves the right to use legal action for any sales proven to be fraudulent or misrepresentation of our brand.
  • Must be 21 to participate.