With the weather finally breaking for the better barbecue season is finally upon us.  We will be running our 20% off promotion (use code BBQ4U at checkout) until the end of May so order up and save some cash.  With the season upon us stay tuned for some new or maybe not so new product offerings.  It’s time to fire up the grills and smokers for all of you seasonal BBQ folks.  The rest of us have just been shoveling a path to the grill and letting it rip no mater what it’s doing outside.  The biggest benefit of winter BBQ is that you never have to worry about your beer getting warm.  No matter which camp you fall into make sure that you are ready with enough propane, charcoal, pellets, chips or whatever you use.  Make sure to check the cupboards and stock up on your favorite rubs and sauces because you never know when a BBQ party may break out.  It’s kind of like a flash mob only a lot more fun.  Keep Calm and BBQ On and always remember to Rub it, Slap it, Smoke it, Sauce it and Eat it!